Massage & Bodywork

MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: $80 | 60min   $95 | 75min   $115 | 90min

MFR is a treatment of the spiderweb like connective tissue known as fascia. Fascial tissue weaves itself through and wraps around your muscles, blood vessels, organs, nerves, tendons and more. This tissue is normally very flexible and strong however when we experience strain and trauma to our bodies this tissue can bind us. This straight jacket effect leads to muscle weakness, unnatural fatiguing, emotional and energetic imbalances and more. MFR can be used to treat a wide variety of bodily issues as well as an alternative to surgery. 









RELAXATION MASSAGE: $80 | 60min   $95 | 75min   $115 | 90min 

My relaxation massage is designed to release stress and tension, helping the body to energize recover from the fatigue of our day to day. This more gentle approach smooths out some kinks in the muscular and circulatory system freeing up range of motion and energy without the possible soreness of a deep tissue.


THERAPEUTIC / DEEP TISSUE:  $80 | 60min   $95 | 75min   $115 | 90min

A massage designed to ease tension, erase scar tissue and break up fibrous masses in the body. The utilization of multiple modalities allows me to decrease superficial adhesion's and delve deeper into the muscle fibers as well as layers. The goal of working in layrs and depths is to bring back the pliability and suppleness of the muscles. Through this treatment you will lose stiffness and soreness, regain range of motion and decrease if not rid the body of some forms of chronic pain and tension.